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As the owner of an import vehicle, you are well aware that your type of vehicle needs special services from an auto repair shop that is familiar with your vehicle’s needs. Here at JB Import Automotive Repair in St. Pete, Florida, we are proud to say that we have been working on import vehicles for many decades. We are familiar with all of the different makes and models, and common problems that occur with these types of vehicles. Our highly trained experts can find the problem with your vehicle quickly, and know how to fix it right the first time. Our technician’s expert knowledge and extensive training is what allows us stand out from other auto repair companies in the area.

If you are looking for the top Volkswagen and Audi auto repair company in St. Petersburg you have found us. At JB Import Automotive Repair our years of experience working on these import vehicles have provided our mechanics with the ability to fix any problem associated with these makes of vehicles. Our import vehicle repair service technicians have worked with every make and model of Volkswagen and Audis, and we are confident in the services we provide. Our outstanding quality is what makes us the top import vehicle repair service in the area of St. Petersburg, Florida. When you have an import vehicle, you need someone who has a deep understanding of them and that is what we have at JB Import Automotive Repair. We want to show you why it pays to use a vehicle repair service that is well-known and knows how to properly repair your import vehicle. There are some common issues with both the Volkswagen and Audi that can be easily fixed by bringing your vehicle to our experienced technicians first.

Volkswagen Repair in St. Petersburg

When you hear about the Volkswagen, many people say how they last forever, and given the right maintenance this vehicle can indeed last a very long time. Although the VW is a loyal vehicle, we know that certain issues tend to occur within particular models. A lot of Volkswagen models experience what would be considered a rattle under the center of the car. Generally, this issue can be quickly fixed by re-welding the mid-section buffer bracket onto the vehicle. However, if this issue isn’t properly addressed, and you continue to drive your Volkswagen around, serious damage will eventually occur to your exhaust. Now what was a simple fix will require you to replace the catalytic converter on your vehicle which is an expensive part for any vehicle. By bringing your VW to our repair experts, we can determine if that rattle you hear is the result of failure in the mid-section muffler bracket, and fix it before the problem becomes more serious and therefore more expensive.

A check engine light appearing with no reasonable cause is a common problem with several different Volkswagen models. There tends to be one common cause of this problem, and our VW mechanics know exactly what it is without spending countless hours searching for the cause. Generally, if it is not an engine problem, the check engine light is associated with increased fuel consumption which affects the coolant temperature sensor. When this occurs, it tricks your vehicle into thinking that your engine is cold.

Another rattle issue with the VW is located near the rear of the vehicle, and only occurs when going over bumps. There are a variety of different causes for the rattle in your Volkswagen, but the problem that is most commonly seen with this vehicle type, is failure near the rear springs. The rear springs break at the lowest level and the broken piece gets left in the spring’s pocket. When driving your vehicle around this broken piece creates a rattle, which can be fixed by simply locating the broken piece and removing it. Our technicians rule out the simple issues with your VW prior to checking into more serious problems. More often than not, it is a common vehicle problem that our service center can quickly fix for you on the same day you bring it in.

By choosing our qualified team of VW mechanics, you do not have to worry about getting a bad diagnosis and running into bigger problems. There is nothing worse than having a problem fixed on your vehicle, which turns out not to be the actual problem. You will end up wasting money on that temporary fix and in the end – cause more serious damage to your car. You do not have to get an inaccurate and expensive misdiagnosis if you use our import auto repair services in St. Pete.

St. Petersburg Audi Repair Diagnosis

Along with all of the Volkswagen models we can repair, our mechanics are also very knowledgeable when it comes to repairing Audis in St. Petersburg. A problem which seems to run among many of the Audi vehicles is a false check engine light. Many times the check engine light will come on, but the vehicle is running great. The source of the problem is generally related to the emissions, and although your Audi may be running fine, it can lead to a serious problem. Sometimes the catalytic converter is not properly cleaning the exhaust gasses. This may require you to replace the converter, but if you have the problem diagnosed quick enough, you may still be covered under the vehicles warranty. The Audi’s catalytic converter is usually covered for 8 years or until it reaches 80K miles.

Audi’s seem to have the universal issue of leaking coolant, or having the low coolant light come on. A crack in the coolant reservoir is almost always the cause for this issue. Getting this crack repaired by our skilled Audi technicians will prevent you from having much bigger problems with your Audi in the future. Although this is a common problem, it is often misdiagnosed because the leak is not visible until the car has warmed up enough to allow the crack to open. Many times it goes without repair, and will lead to overheating of your vehicle which causes problems that are much more expensive to repair within the engine. By finding the leak in the beginning in your Audi, you can simply replace the coolant reservoir, which is a fairly inexpensive fix and can be performed at JB Import Automotive in St. Pete, Fl.

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If you run into big problems with your Volkswagen, or just need a simple checkup, you can count on our experience to provide you with the best auto repair service available in St. Pete. Our customer service department will work with you to find a pricing plan that fits your needs. We repair all makes and models of Volkswagens and Audi vehicles. Don’t trust any other auto shop in St. Petersburg to work on your import vehicle. It takes an import repair specialist to properly diagnose and repair your foreign vehicle right the first time around.

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