Transmission Repair

transmission repair services st pete floridaJB Import Automotive Repair provides car transmission repair in St. Petersburg, Florida. With years of experience, our mechanics are fully prepared to handle any kind of auto transmission repair job you might need. Or, if you want a complete auto transmission replacement, our shop is the most experienced in all of St. Petersburg. If you suspect an issue with your car’s transmission, it is time to have your vehicle inspected immediately. You can trust the mechanics at JB Imports to make a fair and unbiased judgment about the status of your transmission. We can build accurate estimates for car transmission repair projects right here in our St. Petersburg import car repair shop.

There are many symptoms of automotive transmission issues. Leaking fluid is one of the primary signs that your transmission could use some work. Keep in mind that your car should shift smoothly and easily, regardless of whether you own a manual or automatic transmission. If your car is using a lot of transmission fluid, there is likely a torn hose, broken o ring, or other attachment which needs to be replaced. Oftentimes, the check engine light will come on if your car’s transmission is having issues. The technicians at JB Import can diagnose causes underlying why your check engine light has lit up.

Yet another symptom of transmission problems could include grinding or shaking. If find yourself driving down the road and something just feels like it isn’t right – shifting is bumpy or uneasy, or your car is humming, vibrating, or bucking like a wild animal- then it is certainly time for an automobile expert to take a close look. Any kind of clunking or whining is also grounds for inspection. JB Imports has been diagnosing and resolving all kinds of car transmission problems in St. Petersburg, Florida for many years.

The very moment you begin to suspect something bad is happening with your vehicle’s transmission, you should consult an expert at JB Import. This is because a destructive transmission failure can be much more costly than an easy adjustment or preventative repair. However, when transmission problem symptoms are left to worsen, then the risk of complete transmission failure is very high.

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