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Touch-Free Services

As we have always been trying to deliver the best customer service possible, we cannot afford to underestimate the current complex COVID 19 situation and put our customers’ health and lives in danger. That is why we have introduced touch-free services at our St. Petersburg auto repair facility. This is what the whole process consists of:

  • You book an appointment online or by phone;
  • You bring your vehicle to our repair shop and leave it at the designated place, including contact-less vehicle drop-off options;
  • We send your vehicle’s repair order to your phone or email for your approval;
  • We do the necessary repair or maintenance services;
  • We inform you by phone or a message that your vehicle is ready;
  • We provide you with contactless payment and vehicle pick-up options;
  • You come and pick up your vehicle without any contact with our staff.

While working on a car, we adhere to all sanitary measures and procedures imposed in the current situation. Our mechanics wear protective gloves and regularly sanitize all tools, benches, etc. on the premises, as well as all surfaces touched inside the vehicle. After the repair process has been completed, we sanitize its door handles and keys as well.

As in everything else, you can rely on JB Import Automotive Repair’s staff about anything connected with safety precautions. The wellbeing of our customers is our number one priority here in St Petersburg, FL, and the area. Call us today or schedule an appointment online for all of your contactless import auto repair and service needs!

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