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Porsche Services in St. Petersburg, FL

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The Porsche is a sports car icon and a dream vehicle for many. In fact, it was a dream that inspired the model in the first place. Ferry Porsche said, “In the beginning, I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself.”

It’s been over 70 years since he unveiled the Porsche 356, and today, his iconic design still stands as one of the most coveted and prized performance vehicles in the world. 

Today, drivers enjoy race-grade speed, engineering, and style as they cruise throughout St. Petersburg, FL. When they need affordable Porsche repair, they come to our expert team at JB Imports.

Porsche Repair by Exotic Vehicle Experts

Our head technician is an exotic vehicle connoisseur, so he understands the history, refinement, and repair needs of Porsche like the back of his hand. With phenomenal shock absorption and a flat engine platform, these vehicles deliver state-of-the-art performance through a unique design that requires equally specialized care. 

Porsche Engine Repair

The flat engine design of a Porsche is lightweight and built for speed and efficiency. Thanks to a lower center of gravity than traditional internal combustion engines, Porsche delivers short strokes, fast acceleration, and smooth handling. 

Because of their unique boxer design, as well as their air-cooled technology, Porsche engines should only be repaired by certified import vehicle experts. Our team of ASE Master Technicians has the skill, experience, and right technology to perform expert engine repair on any Porsche.

Porsche Inspection & Diagnostics

Vehicle inspection is a standard part of car maintenance. Taking a look underneath your Porsche and under its hood helps us understand its unique repair needs. We can also pinpoint the right places to optimize for fuel efficiency, better handling and even unlock hidden features through coding. 

If you experience a check engine light, low oil warning, or any other problem with your Porsche, let us take a look. We’ll provide you with a complete breakdown of our findings and walk you through any potential repairs. We only work after receiving your seal of approval.

Steering & Suspension Services

What makes a Porsche run so well? Part of it is the engine, but your steering & suspension system are the hidden heroes. They help you turn corners with ease, sail over terrain, and keep a steady, even ride at top speeds.

If you have the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), you need an experienced technician who understands how to properly repair and manage the electrical damping built into your car. 

Complete Porsche Maintenance Services

From brake pads to cabin filters, heating and air conditioning repairs, belt replacements, and oil changes, our Porsche maintenance technicians can perform any job you need. You can always rely on our competitive rates and thorough work to keep your Porsche pristine.

How Often Should I Service My Porsche?

Porsche service intervals are broken down by mileage. At 5,000 miles, your vehicle should have its first major inspection by a certified technician. After that, expect to schedule a service every 10,000 miles to keep your Porsche running smoothly.

Service needs and even maintenance timelines can vary by model. You can come to us with any questions and even get a personalized maintenance schedule written by an ASE Master Technician for your vehicle.

Schedule a Porsche Service in St. Petersburg, FL, Today

With a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty, JB Imports offers the complete package when it comes to Porsche repair. If you’d like to set up an appointment or have your vehicle inspected by an expert, please contact us at (727) 823-5951 or book an appointment online.

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