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If you’re looking for the top import vehicle repair service in St. Pete, Florida, look no further than JB Import Automotive Repair. We have a repair shop full of highly qualified technicians who have been successfully repairing import vehicles for decades. Through our experience, we’ve gained a deep understanding of import vehicles and we know exactly what to look for when you bring in your Honda or Acura to our repair shop. You shouldn’t have to worry about your vehicle when you bring it in for repairs. Our company is a trusted and well-known import service repair shop serving all of Pinellas County, Florida. Give your import vehicle the treatment it deserves by bringing it to our shop and receiving the highest quality service you’ll find in the area.

Honda Auto Repairs St. Petersburg

A common issue seen in the 2010 Honda Acura TSX is the brakes and rotors becoming worn prematurely. We can replace your brakes for you and have you back on the road safely in no time. 2010 was the best year for the Honda Acura. Honda is known for its reliability and high standards throughout the auto industry. With that said every type of vehicle will need upkeep and auto maintenance performed on a regular basis. Keeping up with the regular maintenance of your Honda vehicle will ensure that you do not experience any issues that can be prevented. You can bring your import vehicle to our shop for a tune up, brake check, inspection or any other service you are in need of. We provide everything you could need for your Honda, from big problems like transmission replacement, to small problems such as an oil change. No matter what you need for your Acura, we are your go to auto professionals.

Common St. Pete Honda Repair Issues

The 96-97 Honda Accord has a common issue with the speedometer going out and malfunctioning. You may need to have the speedometer replaced, but this is an easy fix that doesn’t require much time or money. Ignition switches tend to go bad on this make and model as well, and should be something every Honda owner is aware of. By bringing your Honda Accord to our service repair shop we can check your ignition switches and let you know if that is indeed the problem.

The 2001-2002 Honda Civics are known for getting cracks in their exhaust manifolds. While this can lead to a potentially serious problem, catching this issue early will allow for a fairly quick repair. By bringing your Honda Civic to JB Import Automotive we can find problems like this one when they first occur. This will save you a lot of money down the road because you won’t be forced to spend money on repairs that could have been avoided if you used the right repair shop to begin with. There is a reason we are considered the top import repair shop in St. Pete, and our early detection is one of these reasons. Too many people end up paying for problems with their Honda vehicle because of a faulty diagnosis. When diagnosing a problem with your import vehicle, you want to bring it to someone who is familiar with all the different makes and models. Our shop is more than familiar with these types of cars, and you won’t have to worry about any potential problem going unnoticed when you bring your Honda to our shop.

The Honda is also known to have problems with the HVAC system. This problem tends to run through all makes and models with this vehicle and is caused by a faulty thermal fuse in the control unit. Detecting the correct reason for this problem is important and can differentiate from spending $1.00 on soldering in a new thermal fuse, or $300+ on replacing the entire unit. We know that you don’t want to spend all that extra money if you don’t have to. It’s often the little repairs that get left unnoticed and have you spending much more than you actually need to. Our experts at JB Import Automotive Repair in St. Petersburg know that a new thermal fuse can fix your troubles, while many other auto repair shops will be quick to replace the entire unit without thinking twice. This is because they are not familiar will all of the common import vehicle problems like we are. They haven’t seen these types of problems before and therefore should not be trusted to perform the required work on your Honda. Practice makes perfect when it comes to fixing problems with your vehicle, and our technicians have decades of experience under their belt.

It is important that you use a Honda service repair shop that knows when you need to have certain parts on your vehicle replaced. For example, the Honda requires the timing belt to be replaced more often than most other vehicles. If you fail to replace the timing belt when needed it will create a ton of problems for your vehicle and eventually lead to engine damage. Our technicians can tell if it is time to replace your timing belt by doing a quick inspection. A little bit of time is all that is needed to save you money in long term repairs.

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The Honda Acura is a great vehicle, but even great cars need to be serviced from time to time. The real problem comes when you use a service shop that doesn’t know how to properly take care of your vehicle. An import car, such as the Honda, requires special care. These vehicles have unique needs and our technicians know that. We want to work with you to provide you with all of your import vehicle needs in St. Pete. We have a friendly customer service staff who can work with you to create a budget plan if you need expensive work done to your vehicle. JB Import Automotive Repair will work within your budget to ensure that you get what you need for what you can afford. We use the best supplier of import parts so when you have a part replaced, you can rest assured that the replacement part is top quality. If you are looking for the best auto repair providers for your Honda Acura in St. Petersburg, there is no need to look any further than our shop. Come in and see for yourself why customers throughout the St. Petersburg area agree that we are number one in the industry.

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