Electrical System Diagnosis

Electrical warning lights imageAt JB Import Automotive Repair, we understand the importance of your car’s electrical system. The majority of mechanical functions in your car depend on electrical components. If your vehicle’s complex network of wires, sensors, and computers becomes misaligned in any way, or if the communication along the wires becomes interrupted, your vehicle needs immediate attention to prevent serious consequences.

If you notice a light on your dashboard or suspect that your car is experiencing an electrical problem, you can turn to JB Import Automotive Repair for honest, transparent, customer-centered service. We are located in St. Petersburg, Florida and are always ready to get you back on the road as quickly and affordably as possible.

What Are the Most Common Electrical System Problems?

Every vehicle’s electrical system includes the battery, starter, and alternator. The battery is responsible for providing the electrical current that gets your car started and maintains the fuel and ignition systems. The starter, meanwhile, takes a small portion of energy from the battery in order to turn the crankshaft and move the pistons. Then, the alternator takes over to keep everything up and running.

A drained or dead battery is the most common source of electrical problems. Corrosion on the battery or battery cables significantly minimizes the battery’s lifespan. If your vehicle will not start, makes a clicking sound, or will not power the radio, the battery and/or battery cables need to be replaced.

A malfunctioning alternator can also lead to battery problems if it stops recharging the battery while your car is running. Signs of a faulty alternator include dim lights and a grinding or whirring noise. A malfunctioning voltage regulator, broken serpentine belt, and blown fuse can also cause trouble for your vehicle. An expert mechanic at JB Import Auto can diagnose the true problem and repair your vehicle so you’re back on the road without any worry.

How We Handle Electrical System Issues

It’s no secret that the electrical systems that manage cars are more complicated than ever before, but the team at JB Import is capable of diagnosing and repairing any problem. Our ASE-certified mechanics and technicians utilize manufacturer-certified diagnostic tools to identify and resolve your automobile’s issues with the efficiency you need. We are able to pinpoint the exact cause of any electric problem, whether it originates from your car’s battery, alternator, or starter.

Don’t let a check engine light or failing battery leave you stranded. Instead, call JB Import Automotive Repair at (727) 823-5951 to schedule an appointment. We will use our sophisticated diagnostic tools to identify and repair the electrical problem that is threatening your car, so you can get back on the road.