Why Your Cabin Air Filter Is Important

Whether you’re talking about the HVAC in your home or your car’s systems, one of the most commonly forgotten maintenance items is replacing the air filter. Most people think that the air filter just makes air cleaner to breathe, but they actually serve many other purposes. Your cabin air filter in your import vehicle is important, not just for your health and comfort, but also for your engine’s performance.

The Purpose of the Cabin Filter

Your cabin air filter has one primary purpose — to filter out road dust and other pollutants from the air entering the interior of your car. Outside air is sucked into the vehicle during its normal operation, and the cabin filter is how that air is cleaned. Continue reading “Why Your Cabin Air Filter Is Important”

Ways to Love Your Import Vehicle

If you have invested your money and time into your import auto, it is likely one of your most prized possessions. Just as you show your spouse, family, and friends that you love them with caring acts, so too should you show your love for your car. Here are some ways that you can show love to your import vehicle.

Oil Change and Tune Up

Keeping up with the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for oil changes is important for the continued maintenance and reliability of your vehicle. It will also help your vehicle last much longer, regardless of how many miles you put on it. When you get your scheduled oil change, ask for a tune-up as well so that your vehicle gets an extra little bit of care. Continue reading “Ways to Love Your Import Vehicle”

What to Look for in an Import Auto Repair Shop

When you have an import vehicle, you have paid dearly for the prestige and peace of mind that comes with driving a well formed piece of machinery. Your import auto is your pride and joy, and you want anyone who touches it in any way to be trained and experienced in its repair and maintenance. Here is what you should look for when choosing an import auto repair shop.


Some import makes require or recommend training and certification to work on their vehicles. It is important that the import auto repair shop you choose has trained mechanics with experience in working with your particular vehicle. Our mechanics are well-trained in the maintenance and repair of many different types of import autos, including but not limited to BMW, Audi, Honda, Jaguar, Mercedes, and Porsche.  Continue reading “What to Look for in an Import Auto Repair Shop”

Why You Should Service Your Transmission Before a Road Trip

When you are getting ready for a road trip, you want to make sure that your car is ready for the demands that you will be placing on it. There are a lot of things that should be checked before you head out on the road, including your tires, getting an oil change, and other basic maintenance. However, often overlooked is the transmission. Here is what you need to do before your road trip and why it is important.

Transmission Fluid Changes

Your transmission fluid helps the gears shift flawlessly. There is little that can ruin a good road trip than a jerky transmission. When your transmission fluid is old and the transmission begins to jerk, there is also the possibility that other transmission issues could arise while you are on your trip.  Continue reading “Why You Should Service Your Transmission Before a Road Trip”

The Three Systems of Your Import Auto to Service before a Road Trip

It is important to keep your import auto in good running condition at all times, but you want to be especially vigilant just before a road trip. While you have a mechanic you can trust here at home, you might be hard pressed to find one that deals with your specific import auto while you are on the road. To make sure that you are in good shape for your road trip, make sure you get your vehicle serviced for at least these three things before you go.

Brake System

You should make sure that your brakes are in good working condition and not likely to fail while you are gone. You should have a mechanic measure the depth left on brake pads, check the brake fluid, and make sure there are no leaks or other issues. Continue reading “The Three Systems of Your Import Auto to Service before a Road Trip”

Three Best Times for a Detailed Inspection of Your Import Vehicle

car maintenanceJB Import Auto is proud to offer detailed digital inspections for all of your import vehicles. The digital inspection allows you to get real-time updates about the condition of your vehicle, instantly approve maintenance or repairs, and know exactly what to expect from future maintenance requirements. Getting these inspections is important for keeping your car healthy and on the road. Here are three times when you should be getting a detailed inspection of your import vehicle.

On Purchase

Unless you bought your import vehicle brand new, as soon as you purchase it, you should get a detailed digital inspection. Even if you are familiar with these vehicles and are fairly certain it is in good condition, there is no substitute for having a professional look over the vehicle and address any potential issues. This will also give you an idea of what maintenance or repairs will be required in the near future so that you can budget accordingly. Continue reading “Three Best Times for a Detailed Inspection of Your Import Vehicle”

Why You Need an Inspection with Each Service

car maintenanceJB Import Auto performs a 57-point inspection any time you bring your import vehicle into our shop for service. Whether you are getting an oil change, brake update, or transmission repair, our technicians will examine every inch of your vehicle to make sure there are no additional problems. It is also a good idea to have your car inspected periodically, especially if you will be driving long distances. Here are some additional reasons you should have your car inspected periodically.

Small Problems Lead to Big Problems

Your import auto’s health is similar to your own. Small problems that are not addressed often lead to much bigger, more expensive problems. Just as you have an annual physical to maintain your own health, it is important to have routine inspections done on your import auto. The sooner problems are found and serviced, the less expensive and time consuming the repairs will be. Continue reading “Why You Need an Inspection with Each Service”

Getting Your Car Ready for Spring

As winter transitions into spring, it’s time for many people to break out their automotive pride and joy. Whether it’s a rag-top Miata, a blue Subaru WRX, or a turbocharged BMW M3, you are itching to get your gorgeous import back on the road. But before you can feel the wind in your hair, JB Import Auto Repair has a few steps that must be taken to get your baby on the road again.

  1. Lube, Oil and Filter (LOF)

Lube, Oil and Filter (LOF) is the industry term for a simple oil change. Most cars use slight thinner oil for the winter months versus the summer months. The reason is thinner oils flow more easily during winter months and help make it easier to start a car when it’s cold. Thicker oils are better at maintaining film strength and oil pressure at higher temperatures.

Even if you didn’t drive your car during the winter, your old oil may already have 3,000 to 5,000 miles on it. It’s a great idea to have your oil changed, as you may have been putting it off for the last few months. Continue reading “Getting Your Car Ready for Spring”

Benefits of Digital Inspections

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of a new software application we are using in our shop. Our new software allows you to see and respond digitally to inspections, repairs, and estimates from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Getting all the information you need about your imported vehicle has never been easier. There are some great benefits to our customers with this new addition.

Easily and Quickly Accessible

With the new Shopware software, you will receive an email when the digital inspection of your vehicle has been completed. This email can come much faster than we might be able to contact you by phone. The information is easily accessible through any smart device or computer that has an Internet browser, as it is web-based. If you are able to access the Internet and your email, you will be able to have firsthand, fast information about the issues with your vehicle and the solutions we present.

See All the Information in One Place

You will be able to see all the information about your vehicle in one convenient place, from the comfort of your home, office, or on the go. You can view pictures of the parts affected, the inspection report, suggested repairs, and estimates. You can access this information, which is continually updated, the entire time your vehicle is in our care. Now, you will have access to all the information you need to make a decision about repairs without the need to come down to the shop.

Make Repair Decisions Without a Visit or Phone Call

Another benefit of the digital inspection system is that you can approve or deny repairs with a single click of the mouse or tap of the finger. Easy-to-read estimates are displayed with an accept or reject button for your convenience. If you have questions about the inspection or estimate, you can use the site to instant message our team for immediate answers. This way, you can make your decision without the need for a time-consuming phone call or shop visit.

With this new software, we are making it easier than ever for our customers to see firsthand what we can do for them and their treasured vehicles. Contact us today to schedule your digital inspection.

The Real Reasons Your Car’s Tire Pressure Matters

How many times have you ignored the small warning light on your dashboard indicating a problem with your tire pressure? We are all guilty of it, some of us for five miles and some of us for 50 miles. However, tire pressure is actually a very important factor in your car’s overall safety and condition, so it’s important to learn more about this part of your car’s anatomy.

The Dangers of Under Inflated Tires

Your tires achieve maximum performance by reaching the perfect balance of ground contact. Inflating car tires to the right level generates the right amount of friction that keeps tires gripped to the ground without dragging. However, when tire pressure falls below the recommended level, too much of the tire’s surface touches the road, increasing friction to a dangerous level.

This high level of friction overheats the tire and accelerates the rate at which the tire wears down. Overall, cars that drive with consistently under inflated tires risk an unexpected blowout that could cause a major accident on the road.

Underinflated tires don’t just place the driver, passengers, and other cars at risk, but they also hurt gas mileage and virtually steal money from your wallet. According to the Department of Transportation, five million gallons of fuel are wasted every single day due to cars with low tire pressure. This means that you could be wasting hundreds of dollars a month at the pump that could be avoided if your tires were properly inflated. Continue reading “The Real Reasons Your Car’s Tire Pressure Matters”