Signs You Need Transmission Inspection and Repair

When you have an import auto, you want to keep it as finely tuned as possible. Your investment in your vehicle needs to be protected with routine maintenance and inspections. If it has been some time since your transmission has been inspected, it may be time to have it checked. Often, problems with transmissions can be avoided by early detection. There are some signs that you should definitely have your transmission inspected and possibly repaired.

Shifting Issues

Whether your car is an automatic or a manual, there are some shifting issues that may arise that point to needing a transmission inspection. If you have an automatic but it seems to be delaying in shifting up or down, this could be a sign that something is wrong with your transmission. If you have a manual transmission, hard shifts could also be a sign of trouble.

Burning Smells

If your car is automatic or manual and you smell something burning when you shift gears, this could be a sign that something is wrong with your transmission. It could be something as simple as a transmission fluid leak, but it is important to have it checked out as soon as you notice the problem. If you run out of transmission fluid, it could cause you to need an entirely new transmission rather quickly. If you notice a visible transmission fluid leak, this should also be checked out immediately. Continue reading “Signs You Need Transmission Inspection and Repair”

Here’s What You Should Know about the Upcoming British Ban on Diesel and Gas Cars

13926630 - pump nozzles in gas stationIt’s no secret that air pollution is a core environmental problem around the globe. Britain recently announced its plans to tackle air pollution in the future by banning the sale of new gas and diesel vehicles by 2040. This pledge is similar to one made by France earlier in July, and encourages the use of electric cars that can utilize energy from solar, wind, and other renewable resources. Though you may not live in Jolly Old England, understanding this ban is still important especially since America’s own policies may evolve accordingly. Continue reading “Here’s What You Should Know about the Upcoming British Ban on Diesel and Gas Cars”

Everything You Should Know about VW’s Recalls

2434365 - safety recall notice against a white background

Imported German cars are a source of pride for their owners, and brands like Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagen are known around the world as attractive, high quality cars. However, every car runs into problems and has the need for improvement at some point. Volkswagen is no different, as proven by its recent 600,000 car recall. Even if your car isn’t a Volkswagen itself, this recall still may impact you because the Volkswagen Group sells Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and other passenger cars. Here’s what you need to know! Continue reading “Everything You Should Know about VW’s Recalls”

Can That Body Damage Be Fixed?

50531184 - crashed carYour car is your baby, but sadly she isn’t indestructible. Maybe a large piece of hail got the better of your roof, or perhaps a shopping card collided into your passenger door. Whatever the source of the damage, there is probably a way to fix it so that you can return to admiring your flawless vehicle.

Grab the Plunger

If you find a minor dent on your vehicle, the first home remedy you can try is to grab your toilet plunger from the bathroom and give it a go. Just wet the plunger’s end, place it right on the dent in question, and pull gently to see if you can pop it back out. This solution is as cheap and easy as you can get, but it won’t work on all dents. In situations with a more serious dent, it will be worth the money to buy a dent puller. Continue reading “Can That Body Damage Be Fixed?”

Import Auto Repair – Why It’s Worthwhile to Hire an Expert for Your Import Car

335728_7344When it comes to auto repair, not all are created equal. Some auto repair companies will specialize in a specific type of work (such as transmissions), while others may specialties in certain makes of car.

If your car is imported from another country (such as Honda, Toyota, Volvo, Saab, BMW or Audi) then it makes a lot of sense to take it to a garage that specializes in imported cars. Here’s why.

Hiring an Imported Auto Repair Specialist – The Advantages

1) Sourcing parts. When you’ve got an imported car, finding replacement parts can be tricky. Not all garages will have your specific replacement parts in stock, and some may find it difficult to order the parts in, leaving you waiting for weeks without a functional car. However, if you take your car to a specialist, you’re likely to receive the parts far more quickly. Continue reading “Import Auto Repair – Why It’s Worthwhile to Hire an Expert for Your Import Car”

Signs Your Muffler Is In Trouble

Those of us who aren’t savvy with cars may still detect when something needs repair. If we hear strange pings and the car just doesn’t “sit right,” it may be time for a trip to the garage. When it comes to your muffler, there are ways you can tell it’s time for a replacement. You may not be able to remove it yourself, but if you pay attention to how your car runs you can head off a problem that could increase if you were to ignore the signs.


How can you tell if your muffler needs replacing? As you drive, be aware of the following signs.

1) Pay attention to your gas mileage. It’s always a good idea, every time you fill up, to calculate your mileage from the last tank you gas you bought. This lets you know if your car goes the distance for the fuel it’s given. If you find you’re burning through gas more quickly than usual and you aren’t putting on more miles, you may want to check your muffler. A faulty one can contribute to poor gas mileage.

2) Watch for fumes. If one day you start to smell something unusual in your car, like a gassy stench or odor you’d associate with a faulty car, you should have it checked immediately. Intoxicating fumes can prove hazardous to your health, and rolling down the window won’t solve anything. Problems with your muffler may contribute to the increase fume output.

3) Listen for changes in your car when you start the engine. With a good muffler, your car’s motor should pick up and purr just fine. However, if it begins to wear you may detect a difference in your engine’s noise when you crank it. If the noise seems louder and not as smooth, it could indicate that your muffler needs to be checked. It would help, too, to have somebody stand outside while you start your car and look for anything unusual in the muffler area.

While all of these clues could imply a new muffler is needed, they may also hint at other problems with your car. For example, your muffler could be fine, but another car part may be responsible for the anomalies. Whatever the issue, you do not want to take chances with car problems. Waiting too long could result in repairs that cost even more to fix, or loss of your warranty protection.

Signs You Need an Auto Repair Shop

car repair 2Most people fail to realize just how much responsibility comes with owning a car. In order to keep a car running its best, you will need to make sure that all of the vital systems are being checked and maintained when needed. Even though there is a lot of preventative maintenance that can be done to a car, there will still be times when you will have to deal with repairs. When repair issues arise, you need to have a plan and a shop that you can take the car to. The following are a few signs that you may need auto repair. Continue reading “Signs You Need an Auto Repair Shop”

JB Import Auto is the Right Repair Shop for You

car repairAmong the most important things that a person will have to buy in their life is a car. In order to be able to get around freely as you please, you will have to make sure that you have a good running car. Just like any other man made machine in the world, there will come a time where you will need to have your car repaired. One of the first things that you have to do when trying to get the right repairs is to find the right repair shop in your area. The following are a few tips to use when trying to find the right import auto repair shop. Continue reading “JB Import Auto is the Right Repair Shop for You”

The Four Hallmarks of a Quality Auto Repair Shop

car engineIt’s very easy to conclude that once you’re seen one auto repair shop you’ve seen them all. Seriously, most of them are hard to tell apart. Many of them have the same equipment. Many of them basically have the same people wearing the same kind of outfit. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that all repair shops are pretty much the same. This is trap because if you pick the wrong auto repair shop to entrust car to, it can lead to a serious headache. I don’t care if you have a Ferrari, a Maserati, or a Toyota Tercel. If you pick the wrong auto repair shop, you’re basically buying into a long series of headaches that continue to give with time. Continue reading “The Four Hallmarks of a Quality Auto Repair Shop”

Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Repair Your Own Import Cars

dreamstime_xs_8931466If you own an imported vehicle, you might think that a car is a car and that if you can repair an American vehicle, you can repair your own imported car. Not so fast. When you buy an imported vehicle that is manufactured by a car company that doesn’t have an American factory, you might be getting in over your head. We’re not just talking about imported parts that may be hard to find in your part of the country but we’re also talking about potential design issues that you might run a foul of and you might end up making things worse. Here are the four reasons why you shouldn’t repair your import cars. As much as possible take your car to an auto repair service that specializes in particular manufacturers. Otherwise you might just be creating unnecessary headaches for yourself. You have to remember: bad auto repairs can cause an arm and a leg to fix later on. Continue reading “Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Repair Your Own Import Cars”