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Do you have a BMW or Mini that is in need of repairs? JB Import Automotive Repair is the top import vehicle repair service in the entire area of St. Petersburg, Florida. Our team of fully trained, ASE certified technicians, have been working in the industry for decades and know exactly what to look for when you experience problems with your vehicle. We have a deep understanding of import vehicles and are familiar with the most common issues in each make and model.

St. Petersburg BMW Auto Repairs

The BMW has a list of common problems that can be easily fixed when you bring your import vehicle to the most trusted auto repair shop in St. Pete. The 7 series V8s tend to get coolant leaks around the water pump. Many shops without the expertise that we offer will replace the water pump believing it will solve the problem, only to find that the problem still exists after the replacement. Why should you have to spend money on problems that do not exist with your BMW? Our skilled technicians at JB Import Automotive Repair will ensure that the correct problems are always addressed and fixed right – the first time.

Another common problem with the BMW 3 series is shaking of the steering wheel when using the brakes. The shaking of your BMW will start off lightly, but if you allow the problem to persist it can cause serious damage to your vehicle. By addressing the problem early, we know that simply changing the control arm brushings will fix this problem. We also know that eventually your BMW will begin to visibly shake on the road without the proper repair. At this point you will need a full inspection to insure your vehicle if safe to drive. At JB Import Auto Repair we have a full understanding of BMW vehicles which make our services stand above the rest.

One issue that seems to occur within many different models of the BMW is the check engine light appearing. There are many different problems that can cause this issue such as; misfires and failing of the ignition coils. This issue can be correctly addressed at our shop and prevent further damage to your BMW. However, if you do not have this problem addressed or take your vehicle to a mechanic that doesn’t fix the correct problem, the engine of your BMW can encounter many serious problems which may require an entirely new engine! You know that replacing the engine of your BMW is a very expensive replacement. Bringing your vehicle to our shop at the first sign of a BMW problem can save you thousands of dollars in replacements in the long run.

Mini Auto Repair in St. Pete, Florida

The Mini is a British import vehicle that similarly resembles the Volkswagen Beetle. There are very few repair shops that understand how to work on these types of cars, and JB Import Automotive Repair is one of them. Just like the BMW, we know all of the most common problems that occur with a Mini and can get your vehicle up and running smoothly in no time. One common issue with the Mini is the windows failing to go up and down. Depending on the noises your Mini is making, it may or may not be an issue that simply requires lubrication. Our team will not be confused with this problem by thinking it is a mechanical problem. We know how common this issue is and if there is no noise accompanying the problem, it can be a simple fix.

The N14 requires special care of the engine or it can lead rough idling and can sometimes be difficult to start. By simple making a few small changes with the care of your Mini engine, you can get it running smoothly once again. Our team at JB Import in St. Petersburg can get your Mini running smoothly and teach you how to properly take care of your engine so it keeps running that way. People often relate idling to a more serious, expensive problem. We know the common causes of this issue and would enjoy fixing them for you today.

Are you experiencing overheating of your Mini and difficulty steering? We know just how often this issue occurs with different types of Mini’s. Depending on your particular make, it can mean anything from your cooling fan failing to a blown fuse. You don’t have to bring your Mini vehicle to a shop that will take guesses as to what the issue is. We understand these cars, and have worked on them many times before. We have serviced many cars, exactly like yours, with the exact same issues. When you bring your Mini to us, we know what to check first, which eliminates a lot of wasted time and prevents you from wasting money on unneeded repairs. Choosing a team to fix your Mini should be a simple task and you should have a group of members you can trust. You can trust JB Import Automotive Repair to find the problem quickly and fix the issue for you on time. We strive to provide you with highest quality auto service and have been providing this to our customers throughout St. Pete for years. We developed our great reputation throughout St. Petersburg, Florida because our customers know that we are skilled and will give you the service you are looking for.

St. Petersburg BMW Repairs and Mini Maintenance

By bringing your Mini or BMW to our repair shop at the first sign of an issue, you can really prevent a variety of serious problems from happening to your vehicle. You’d be surprised how often a problem with your vehicle is actually nothing too serious and can be fixed easily. The real problem is when you do not address the issue, or get the right service for your vehicle. That is when serious problems occur, which require expensive repairs and cause extensive damage to your vehicles engine. If your BMW or Mini dies out while idling in a parking lot, we know that this is a common issue for certain models. Sometimes it is as simple as fixing the balancer which has begun to come apart. Don’t let your vehicle become damaged by using a technician that is not familiar with the problems that commonly occur with your specific make and model of BMW or Mini automobile.

If you’re looking to have your import vehicle fixed the right way, from an experience import auto repair shop, choose JB Import Automotive Repair. We specialize in import repairs and you will not regret using our expert services for all of your vehicle needs. Come in today with your BMW or Mini and find out why we are the top import repair shop in the area of St. Petersburg, Florida.

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