Why You Should Service Your Transmission Before a Road Trip

When you are getting ready for a road trip, you want to make sure that your car is ready for the demands that you will be placing on it. There are a lot of things that should be checked before you head out on the road, including your tires, getting an oil change, and other basic maintenance. However, often overlooked is the transmission. Here is what you need to do before your road trip and why it is important.

Transmission Fluid Changes

Your transmission fluid helps the gears shift flawlessly. There is little that can ruin a good road trip than a jerky transmission. When your transmission fluid is old and the transmission begins to jerk, there is also the possibility that other transmission issues could arise while you are on your trip. 

To keep your transmission working fluidly, you need to make sure that your transmission fluid is checked before your road trip. Most of the time transmission fluid does not need to be topped off or changed like engine oil. However, it should be changed out about every 60,000 miles. Cars with transmission fluid over 100,000 miles old are more likely to have debilitating transmission issues.

Why It’s Important

Your car isn’t going anywhere without a working transmission. The last thing you want to happen while on your road trip is your transmission going out so that you are stuck in an unfamiliar town with an unfamiliar mechanic. Especially with import autos, it is important that you have a mechanic you can trust and that has experience with your make and model. You may not be able to find that where your car breaks down.

If you are planning a road trip for the near future, bring your import vehicle in for maintenance and a checkup before your trip.

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