Why You Should Never Ignore Your Check Engine Light

The dreaded Check Engine light has turned on for everyone at some point. The Check Engine light is one of the most important signs of your vehicle’s health. An illuminated Check Engine light indicates that a critical function of your vehicle is not working properly and needs immediate diagnosis. However, many people find it too easy to ignore that little light while they are making their daily rounds. That’s a big mistake because disregarding the Check Engine light can lead to:

  • Vehicle breakdown

An illuminated Check Engine light means some part of your vehicle is malfunctioning. When left unrepaired long enough, this malfunction could cause a total vehicle breakdown. If you’re lucky, that just means your car won’t start in the morning and leaves you stranded at home. On the other hand, if you’re unlucky, your vehicle will break down on the freeway during rush hour, causing a traffic jam that holds up everyone else on the road. Don’t risk an embarrassing and costly roadside incident because you disregarded your Check Engine light.

  • Higher repair bills

The cost of vehicle repairs can be lessened significantly if issues are fixed as soon as they occur. If you notice the Check Engine light on, set up an appointment with a qualified mechanic quickly to avoid the problem progressing into something much worse, and more expensive.

  • Poor fuel efficiency

Many of the vehicle problems that cause the Check Engine light to turn on can also affect your car’s fuel economy. Faulty oxygen sensors or a clogged air filter can send you to the gas pump much more often than usual. Keep your gasoline expenses down by attending to the Check Engine light as soon as it comes on.

  • Unsafe vehicle emissions

Your vehicle is equipped with technology that reduces its carbon footprint and emits less pollution. When this technology malfunctions, your car could be releasing toxic fumes and chemicals into the environment around you. Vehicle emissions are also a leading cause of climate change. Curb your car’s emissions by always addressing the reason your Check Engine light is on.

  • Lost time & wages

Fixing the reason your Check Engine light is on is usually pretty simple at first. You might have to dedicate a few hours on the weekend or after work to take your car to a mechanic, but that’s nothing in comparison to the hours or days your car will spend in the shop if you allow the Check Engine light issues to progress to total breakdown. You’ll be looking at finding alternative transportation to work, possibly including rental car fees. If you can’t get to work while your car is in the shop, you’ll lose those wages that were desperately needed to pay your car’s repair bill,  not to mention how unhappy your boss will be that you can’t make it in. Add in family members and all the places they need to go, and you’ve got a real disaster on your hands. Keep everyone on schedule by paying attention to that Check Engine light as soon as it illuminates.

The Check Engine light is just one of the many safeguards your vehicle has to alert you of potential problems. Don’t ever ignore your Check Engine light, or you’re risking losing your livelihood while racking up expensive repair bills. Call Tampa Bay’s premier import repair shop, JB Import Automotive Repair, if your Check Engine light is on. Our team of expert technicians will quickly diagnose and repair your car, getting you back to your life faster. Call us at (727) 823-5951 to schedule your diagnostic appointment today!

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