Why Should You Get Auto Repairs From a Foreign Auto Specialist?

These days, the difference between foreign and domestic cars is getting smaller and smaller. Many foreign parts are finding their way into U.S. trucks and cars and vice versa.

A mechanic worth his salt will, of course, know the basics of any internal combustion engine. Still, cars are more than just the sum of their parts. There remains enough of a difference with domestic autos in configuration and complexity to make taking your foreign make to a specialist in foreign auto repairs well worth your while.



What’s The Difference?


European makes, for example, tend to have a higher level of quality built in initially than domestic models. Domestic cars have larger engines than their foreign counterparts, while many foreign cars have more transmission gears. Frequently, mechanics are faced with auto repairs involving foreign transmissions that need six or seven speeds because the smaller engine doesn’t have the torque of its larger cousins.


Parts aren’t just parts. American-made parts are easier to get and often are interchangeable, no matter the make or model. With foreign parts that are required in exacting auto repairs, the parts must be shipped in from the overseas manufacturers. And German parts are different from Japanese parts, which are different from French and Italian parts. All this also makes the parts more expensive.


Finding a Specialist


Technologies and internal configurations also differ by nationality, so finding a specialist in auto repairs that will fit with your particular foreign investment is a primary concern.


The best outcome would be to find a mechanic who is trained and certified by the specific manufacturer of your automobile. Barring that, find a shop that specializes in general foreign auto repairs. Though their technicians may not be as steeped in the requirements of your specific make, they will be far more knowledgeable than a standard mechanic as to the needs of a foreign auto versus a domestic.

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