Why is an Alignment Important?

Wheel alignment ensures that your tires are adjusted to your car’s original specifications. That means that your tires should meet the road at the proper angle, with your tires centered in the wheel wells.

A wheel alignment should be performed: 

  • After an accident
  • After getting new tires
  • After maintenance that affects your tire balance
  • If you consistently drive on rough roads
  • Once per year

Below, we’ll explore three specific reasons why it’s important to have your tires properly aligned.

Improve Your Gas Mileage

Misaligned tires tend to drag slightly, rather than rolling efficiently. This can reduce your gas mileage. A proper alignment can prevent wear and tear and also ensure that you enjoy the best fuel economy.

Maximize Your Tire Life

When your vehicle is out of alignment, your tires tend to wear unevenly. Oftentimes, you can even see the results if you look at the treads of your tires. You may notice that your tires are more worn on one edge compared to another, and over time, you’ll need to replace these tires sooner than you would otherwise.

Tires that wear unevenly or wear out prematurely can become a safety hazard, causing flat tires or blowouts.

A proper alignment can prevent this sort of uneven wear, which will extend the life of your tires.

A Smoother Ride

Finally, the most immediate result of an alignment is a smoother ride. When your tires are not properly balanced, you may find that your steering wheel vibrates or that your car tends to pull to one side. With an alignment, you can experience a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Vehicle Alignment Near Me

If you’re experiencing steering wheel vibration or other signs of alignment problems, trust the experts at JB Import Automotive Repair. Contact us for your next service appointment and let us get you back in line.

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