What is all this Talk about the BMW M3?

In case you hadn’t noticed, the BMW M3 has been missing from the new auto showrooms for the last few years. Apparently, the auto maker was taking the time to make some additions, including adding much more power.


The 2015 BMW M3, it is said, will be much too fast for the family guy, even though they would probably love to drive this four-door sedan equipped with a six-cylinder motor that packs 425 horsepower and 406 pounds of torque. Combined with its lightweight design, it can do zero to 60 in a rocking 3.9 seconds – all this, and BMW’s style and luxury, too.


The coupe model, the BMW M4, has the agility of a true racecar according to those who’ve actually driven the model. Both come with a driver’s choice in transmissions between a 6-speed manual and a 7-speed M dual clutch.


The BMW M3 was a decided hit at the recent Detroit Auto Show, but Mercedes was not to be left out. It put its Mercedes-Benz C Class “Baby Benz” on display, touting it as the most innovative and luxurious compact the manufacturer has ever produced.


The mid-range car steps out in true Mercedes style, with features that usually are reserved for the top-level premium models. It has a clear yet emotional design, with a modern interior typical of Mercedes output, according to one company official. In fact, testers reported, it gives the driver the impression they are at the wheel of a much pricier vehicle. Yet, the compact still delivers high performance, efficiency, and is agile around the curves.


In fact, the Mercedes CLA seemed to join forces with the Audi Q3 small sedan to show the Detroit audience that luxury is entering the price range of more and more drivers. Both vehicles retail for under $30,000.

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