What Happens When I Bring My Car in for Air Conditioning Service?

Living in Florida means enduring hot, humid temperatures for most of the year. But we’ve learned to live with the heat, largely thanks to technology. It’s no accident that the state’s population growth began to soar along with the introduction of air conditioning. As new communities sprawled throughout the state, cars became essential possessions for Floridians. As in homes and workplaces, air conditioning in automobiles made getting around bearable — and downright comfortable

We Floridians couldn’t survive without air conditioning everywhere, including in our cars. We know we’ve got to dig into our wallets to pay for regular auto AC maintenance, but what exactly are we paying for? Here’s a brief overview of what happens when you bring your vehicle in for air conditioning service.

Bold and Cold

Ever notice how your car’s air conditioning doesn’t blow as cold or as powerfully as it used to? That’s because over time, the cooling system needs recharging. Your auto maintenance technician uses a refrigerant called R-134a to bring back that blast of cold air to your car.

First, technicians measure your AC system’s pressure and adjust when necessary. Then they’ll use a special thermometer to determine the system’s output. Next comes a leak check. If there’s a leak, the technician will utilize a refrigerant recovery device to drain dangerous gas from your vehicle.

The cooling system will then be inspected, including looking at the hard lines for cracks.

An Ounce of Prevention

The compressor is one of your cooling system’s most important components. It pressurizes the AC refrigerant, regulating the air-cooling pressure in your vehicle’s cabin. When you bring your car in for air conditioning service, the technician will inspect your compressor. Sometimes this part has failed and a new unit must be installed.

You can avoid costly replacement parts by regularly servicing your auto’s air conditioning system. The old saying about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure really is true.

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