What Digital Inspections Mean for You and Your Import Auto

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering digital inspections when you bring us your import auto for repair or maintenance. Digital inspections make maintaining your import auto much easier and hassle free. If you want to get the best care for your import auto without taking too much time out of your busy day, our digital inspections are right for you.

Real Time Updates

When you bring your import auto to us for service, we will give you access to your digital inspection via an online platform that you can access using your smartphone. As your vehicle is inspected and maintenance concerns are identified, these items are checked off on the digital inspection so that you can see exactly what we found with your import auto. As repairs are made, you will be able to see the progress so that you know when you can pick up your vehicle.

Easy Maintenance Choices

Of course, we will never perform any repair or maintenance on your import auto without first getting your permission. Our digital inspections platform allows for this to be easy and hassle free as well. As different concerns are identified in real time on the platform, you will be able to immediately, with the touch of a button, accept or decline the service being offered. There’s no need to call us, answer a call from us, or take time out of your day to come to our shop.

Planning Ahead

If you decide not to do any of the maintenance or repairs that are suggested during your digital inspection, you can save those items for a later date and use the digital inspection to help you remember what needs to be done in the future.

If you have an import auto, you want to know that it is in good hands. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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