The Importance of Proper Tire Pressure

When it comes to car maintenance and car repair, tires are usually the last things on people’s minds. Instead, they count on their auto repair techs to inspect the tires whenever the vehicle is in for service and let them know when they need repair or replacement. While this is fine with regular maintenance visits, driving with improper tire pressure can cause tire replacement to be a necessity more often than it should.

If you have been driving around on tires that are either over- or underinflated, you’re taking a big risk to your vehicle and your safety. Some of the most common tire-related incidents that bring cars in for auto repair include:

Poor Fuel Economy— This can take a big bite out of your fuel budget and bring cars into the shop with owners thinking there may be another problem with the vehicle, such as bad O2 sensors, dirty filters, bad fuel injectors and more. Having your auto repair shop try to diagnose a problem that isn’t there can also cost you when in fact your poor gas mileage could just be a matter of properly inflating your tires.

Extended Stopping Distance — When tires are underinflated, this leads to the need for more space to stop. This puts you and other drivers in danger every time you need to brake and is simply not worth the risk. Check your tire pressure regularly to ensure you’re riding (and stopping) on the proper PSI.

Quality of the Ride— If tires are overinflated, they can’t absorb the road impacts like they are designed to do, making for a rougher ride and therefore more wear and tear on the vehicle. Eventually, this can lead to the need for other auto repair that could have been avoided simply by checking your tires regularly.

We recommend getting into the habit of checking your tire pressure once a month. This way, if your pressure is too high or low, you can take care of it on the spot at a gas station’s air machine. Don’t risk your vehicle or your safety. If you have any questions about your tires, your auto repair specialist will be happy to help.

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