The Importance of Checking Fluids

If you have taken any type of driver’s education, shop class, or had a mechanic for a parent, no one needs to tell you how important fluid checks can be, but the average driver knows little about the fluids in their vehicle.

Do you know…

…what fluids are in your vehicle?

…which fluids should be checked and when?

…appropriate levels for all of your fluids?

The average driver could make a costly mistake if they don’t know these items, but owners of imported cars have to be even more vigilant. Fluids may differ between an import vehicle and a similar domestic one. 

It is always best to let one of our experienced mechanics check your fluids, change them when necessary, and make any repairs due to leaks, but you should still be checking your fluids frequently.

It is a good idea to check all of the fluids in your car every time, just to be sure that nothing is missed. It is also a good idea to make this a habit whenever you fill your tank at the gas station. While this might seem like overkill, checking fluids when you do other things for your vehicle helps you build the habit instead of forgetting and only checking sporadically.

If you aren’t sure if your levels are in the right place, contact us today to schedule a maintenance check.

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