The Four Hallmarks of a Quality Auto Repair Shop

It’s very easy to conclude that once you’re seen one auto repair shop you’ve seen them all. Seriously, most of them are hard to tell apart. Many of them have the same equipment. Many of them basically have the same people wearing the same kind of outfit. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that all repair shops are pretty much the same. This is trap because if you pick the wrong auto repair shop to entrust car to, it can lead to a serious headache. I don’t care if you have a Ferrari, a Maserati, or a Toyota Tercel. If you pick the wrong auto repair shop, you’re basically buying into a long series of headaches that continue to give with time. There’ve been many cases of people going to the wrong shop and the people fixing their car really screwed things up so badly that they basically ended up buying new cars results to a lot of litigation, results to a lot of unnecessary headache and drama. To avoid all that, you really need to make sure that you know what to look for when comparing one auto repair shop to another. Here are the four hallmarks of a great quality auto repair shop.

Clear Explanations

You know you’re dealing with straight shooters when they basically tell you what’s wrong with your car in clear English. We’re talking about basic English; we’re not talking about people who hide behind automotive terms. We’re not talking about people that try to bamboozle you with fancy terms that try to impress you with their engineering knowledge. No, we’re talking about people that basically talk to you in plain English and they’re not hiding behind jargon. This is one clear indication with a straight shooter.

You’re Always Kept in the Loop

Once you decide to get auto repair work done at a particular service provider you know you’re dealing with a quality provider when they always keep you in the loop. In other words they let you know immediately if they found something that requires extra work. In many cases they let you know if the kind of work that you thought you needed to get done actually isn’t necessary. In many cases this is the kind of engaged process that leads to you saving a lot of money.

Proper Documentation

This is non-negotiable. You know you’re dealing with a truly professional outfit when they document everything they do. This ensures that you’re not surprised in the end. The last thing that you want is for your auto repair costs to explode unexpectedly. This happens when they tell you they had to buy an expensive piece of equipment or an expensive part here and there. Who needs the hassle? Who needs the surprise? Insist on proper documentation. If anything, this can help give you the evidence you need in case you need to drag the auto repair shop into a small claims court.

Alternative are Properly Covered

You know you’re dealing with a very professional auto repair shop when they don’t just cover what’s wrong with your car and the solution that they are thinking of, but alternatives. When you’re given alternatives, you are given range to reduce your costs. If anything, this is a sign that the mechanic you are working with actually cares about you instead of what’s inside your pocket. This is definitely a hallmark of a great quality auto repair shop.

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