The 2016 Cars of the Future

Thirty years ago, Americans enjoyed imagining what the cars of the future would look like. Predictions tended to appear like wild science fiction images with very futuristic designs. The cars of the future are here, but rather than looking like something out of The Jetsons, these cars are teeming with advanced technology that wasn’t even a brainstorm 30 years ago.

Modern automobiles rely on sensors, software, and sophisticated processing networks to maintain the incredible technology that is becoming more and more mainstream. Now that the future is here, what will it be like?

Personalized Cars

2016 will bring about cars with even more personalization that before. Algorithms and complicated software makes it possible for these smart cars to astonish you with their abilities. Though you might think your smartphone already does that for you when you say, “Hi Google,” cars will be able to differentiate your priorities to help you reach your destination most efficiently. For example, cheaper parking with long walking time compared to close, more costly parking. This context awareness is a major step forward in technology.

Ethernet Cars

That’s right, a direct internet source inside of your car. Why, you might wonder, if you have your smartphone? To begin with, Bluetooth, audio, backup cameras, and other technologies actually require so much wiring that the weight impacts your car’s gas mileage. In addition, other emerging technologies like self-parking, side sensors, and automatic emergency braking requires extreme top-speed network speed to work effectively. All of this can be solved with Ethernet.

Security with a Capital “S”

Security will reign in 2016, no doubt about it. Autopilot systems, collision avoidance systems, and security certifications are becoming top priorities for car manufacturers who want to win the complete trust of consumers and make driving a safer process.

With so many changes, your next new car will feel much more like a personalized and safe environment.

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