Most Common Summer Car Problems

Summertime can be especially hard on our vehicles here in Florida. Blistering heat mixed with oppressive humidity can be very damaging to any vehicle, both cosmetically and mechanically. Some of the most common summer car problems are:

  • Overheating

When you think of car problems in the summertime, hot steam blasting up out of the radiator cap might be the image you recall. Overheating is not just a common trope in Hollywood, it is also a big problem in real life. A malfunctioning radiator or water pump might be the culprit, among other possibilities.

  • Tire problems

Flat tires, nail punctures, and blowouts all seem to happen more in the summertime. Maybe it’s just because we’re all on the road more, or it could be that searing hot asphalt, but tires take a beating when it’s hot outside. Check yours frequently for damage and replace them promptly when needed.

  • No AC

No AC is a crisis of epic proportions during a Florida summer. You might as well try driving across the sun! Your vehicle’s AC needs routine maintenance and frequent checks for optimal performance, especially in hotter climates where it is used almost year-round. Have the entire AC system checked each year in early spring to get ahead of the summer heat. 

  • Dead battery

Excessive heat outside can drain a battery’s life, usually by evaporating the fluid inside the battery. This evaporation is especially prevalent in vehicles that aren’t driven daily and sit uncovered outside. Prevent fluid evaporation by parking your vehicle in a garage or under a shelter; Or at the very least, under a fitted car cover.

  • Fuel pump quits

Did you know that running your vehicle low on gas is worse for it during the summer heat than when it’s cooler outside? Gas keeps your fuel pump cool, but only if you have enough gas to cover the pump. If you don’t, the fuel pump can overheat, and this is even more true when you add in the sweltering summer heat outside.

Summer car issues are no fun and can ruin all your summer plans, so don’t forget to have your vehicle checked by a reliable mechanic before hitting the road. Our ASE-certified technicians have the know-how needed to keep your car running smoothly all summer long. Call JB Imports Automotive Repair today at (727) 823-5951 to schedule your summertime tuneup.

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