Mercedes-Benz Goes Electric

Fierce competition keeps the automobile industry constantly evolving, and at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its newest plan to keep customers satisfied: a Generation EQ electric SUV.

Going Electric

Electric cars are growing in popularity because they do not rely on gasoline like traditional automobiles. Instead, electric cars are propelled by one or more electric motors that take electrical energy that is stored in rechargeable batteries. Unlike gasoline, electric motors offers cars instant torque for strong and smooth acceleration. Better yet, electric cars are 300% more efficient than regular cars with internal combustion engines.

Since electric cars do not emit tailpipe pollutants, they significantly reduce local air pollution and can limit the amount of greenhouses gases in the air. More than 30 models of highway legal all-electric passenger cars existed on the roads in December 2015, and that number just continues to grow.

The Generation EQ Electric SUV

Mercedes is hoping to capitalize on the electric car trend by developing a lineup of at least 10 all-electric cars by 2025, and the Generation EQ Electric SUV will be the first in that sub-brand. The SUV has coupe-like styling and what Mercedes calls an “electro look” design language. It can drive for 310 miles before needing to be plugged in.

In a sign of its devotion to the 2025 goal of more than 10 all-electric cars, Mercedes is investing about $545 million on a new battery plant to manufacture the most efficient batteries possible for the EQ. The same plant will also make cells for stationary energy storage battery packs, much like Tesla’s popular Powerwall units.

Though we now know that the electric SUVs will be manufactured in Bremen, Germany, Mercedes still has not committed to a date of completion. Foreign car fanatics will have to wait with eager anticipation until more information is released.

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