Just for Fun, What are the Most Expensive Cars to Repair?

Sadly, although it shouldn’t be a surprise, the short answer to this question is – foreign cars. At least that is according to a Forbes magazine study done a couple of years ago, which concluded that the most expensive to repair included two Mercedes-Benz models, a Jaguar, a Land Rover, and an Audi. This may not be an issue for the owners, since these cars are not cheap to purchase to begin with.

Atop the list was the Mercedes G Class, which starts at nearly $90,000 just to take it home. Repairs are estimated at costing $1,640 over five years, which will seem like a drop in the ocean to the fortunate owner.


Numbers two and three on the list were the Jaguar XK and the Land Rover Range Rover, both of which cost just over $1,600 in repairs during five years of ownership. The two vehicles also share a similar price tag in the mid-$70,000 range. Mechanics who know their foreign autos will tell you that Land Rovers are notoriously expensive to maintain and repair, so the top-line Range Rover’s place on this list is almost a given.


Mercedes and BMW round out the top five, with the Mercedes CL Class beating out the BMW 7-Series, costing in repairs over five years $1,540 and $1,529, respectively. However, given that the Mercedes is hardly a bargain basement model at more than $100,000, and the BMW clocks in at more than $75,000, perhaps the owners will be forgiven if they overlook this detail about the cost of actually operating their luxury craft.


Remember that these are high-end cars, even in the luxury market. And, they come equipped with often exotic and, thus, expensive parts. As well as they are made, there will come a time when some of those parts will need repair or replacement.

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