Is Premium Gas for a BMW Worth It?

When you bought your BMW, you knew you were buying an expensive, high-maintenance performance vehicle. You were also told that you should use premium gas, which is of course more expensive. Even though your BMW will run on regular gas, there are a lot of good reasons to stick to premium.

What makes gas premium?

The difference between regular and premium gas is the octane rating. Lower octane fuel combusts at a lower pressure, which makes premium gas more efficient and effective for high-combustion engines. It is important to note that not all BMWs have high-combustion engines, so premium gas may not be necessary.

What happens if you use low octane gas?

If you have a high combustion engine and you use low octane gas, detonation can occur. Detonation is when the mixture in the cylinder combusts before the spark. To say this is hard on your engine is an understatement. You could get pings or knocking in the engine, which can render it immobile and usually require an expensive engine rebuild.

What about performance?

The bottom line is that your BMW was designed to function at its best with premium fuel. While you can get away with using regular fuel in your particular BMW model, you will still sacrifice performance. You could also be shortening the life of your car and increasing the amount of money you spend on maintenance and repairs over the lifetime of your vehicle.

If you have questions about whether or not you should be using premium gas in your import vehicle, contact us today.

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