How To Keep Your Diesel Mercedes Running Smoothly

Mercedes-Benz has been one of Germany’s premier car manufacturers for almost a century, and is unique for being one of the few companies to offer diesel-powered luxury vehicles. Many people prefer diesel to gasoline engines because of their simplicity, increased longevity, dependability, and fuel economy, but often auto repair shops don’t have as much experience working with them and may not know how to properly maintain them. These tips will help you ensure that your Mercedes diesel engine lives up to its potential.


1. Pump And Line Cleaning


To keep your engine performing well, it’s necessary to clean the fuel pump, supply hoses, and injectors. The best way to do this is to purchase a commercial diesel cleaner product, connect it to the fuel supply line, and run the engine until the can is empty. Make sure to prevent dirt and air from entering the line. This relatively simple procedure will give your engine a good scrubbing and allow it to maximize its performance.


2. Fuel Filters


Since the diesel engine features a complex and expensive fuel-injection pump, it requires two fuel filters for protection. The best protection can be guaranteed by changing the filters every 5,000 miles or so.


3. Fuel Screen


Sometimes the fuel screen at the bottom of the fuel tank can become clogged and deny the engine power. During tune-ups, ask your mechanic to remove the fuel tank and check the screen if you’re experience under-whelming performance.


4. Intake Cleaning


Many diesel engines experience trouble stemming from oil vapor forming into a viscous sludge and collecting on the intake over time. This build-up can eventually cut off air supply all together. This problem can be addressed with commercial carburetor cleaner and elbow grease.


There are many advantages to driving a diesel Mercedes, but diesel engines come with their own set of needs. Keeping on top of routine maintenance and being aware of your engine’s special considerations will allow you to enjoy your Mercedes to the fullest while avoiding needless aggravation.

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