How to Keep Your Car’s Paint Looking as Good as New

Your car’s tires, brakes, and engine aren’t the only important components that you need to protect and maintain in order to keep your car running like new. The paint on your car also deserves regular TLC, especially if you want to avoid those dreaded paint chips and scratches that will diminish the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Paint’s Worse Enemies

The paint on your car has a few rather formidable foes. Some can be avoided, others cannot. The sun, for example, can damage car paint just like it can harm skin with its UV rays. The sun’s heat can even cause the “pores” of the paint to expand and absorb more dirt and moisture than normal. Of course, bird droppings and sap from trees aren’t friendly to your car paint either. Bird droppings are highly acidic, so they quickly erode paint. Tree sap isn’t acidic, but it bakes into the pores of the paint’s surface and leaves stains while also attracting unwanted particles of debris, dirt, and dust.

Give Your Paint A Helping Hand

You can prevent sun exposure, bird droppings, and tree sap by parking your car in a garage or covered structure as often as possible. When no garage is available, you can always use a car cover made of cloth or synthetic material to ensure that the many harmful elements of the outdoors cannot penetrate your perfect paint job.

Wax is also one of the most powerful tools that you can utilize to protect your point. By waxing your car regularly  at least every three to four months  you create a micro-thin layer of protection that prevents scratches and scrapes.  Of course, you need to make sure you wash your car on a weekly basis as well so that dirt and other debris do not stick to your paint for long. If your car has been exposed to salt water, road salt, or other harsh conditions, wash more frequently and follow-up with wax.

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