How to Avoid Getting Ripped by an Auto Repair Shop

So, what happens when your car dies on you, it’s gone beyond its extended warranty period, and you have to get it fixed right away? You’ll probably have the car towed to a shop nearby and hitch a ride to work with a friend. You might then get a call from the mechanic in which he will tell you that you need to replace a certain part and how much that will cost. Since you’re already having that one part replaced, he says you might as well have another part replaced that looks like it’s going to have a problem soon. He then suggests you need another part replaced, and he also says that you’re scheduled for an oil change.

Once you get the estimate from him, you tell him to get started on it. You’ve already had the car towed there, you figure, so why not go ahead and go through with all the stuff he suggested? You just never know if the mechanic is being a straight shooter with you or not. Maybe he’s looking for an opportunity to make a couple of dollars off your uncertainty and bad misfortune.

It’s not good that most people usually need to have their car repaired as soon as possible.

Let’s look at some tips to help you avoid getting ripped off by the repair shop.

Get everything in writing

Before a shop ever starts work on your car, make sure you know exactly what is being done and get that quote in writing.

Don’t get oversold

Be wary of shops that give you a whole list of add-on repair options if you’ve just brought your car in for one thing.

Stay on a schedule

One easy way to prevent being oversold on a service – and maybe avoiding expensive repairs altogether – is to stick to the recommended maintenance schedule for the manufacturer.

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