Here’s What You Should Know about the Upcoming British Ban on Diesel and Gas Cars

It’s no secret that air pollution is a core environmental problem around the globe. Britain recently announced its plans to tackle air pollution in the future by banning the sale of new gas and diesel vehicles by 2040. This pledge is similar to one made by France earlier in July, and encourages the use of electric cars that can utilize energy from solar, wind, and other renewable resources. Though you may not live in Jolly Old England, understanding this ban is still important  especially since America’s own policies may evolve accordingly.

Britain’s New Clean Air Strategy

The British government will forbid the sale of any new gas or diesel car or van by the end of 2040. At the same time, local governments will receive funding to make public transportation more accessible to the general public. A total of 255 million pounds, or $332 million, will be made available to retrofit buses and other renovations.

As Britain’s environment secretary Michael Gove told the BBC, “It is important that we all gear up for a significant change which deals not just with the problems to health caused by emissions, but the broader problems caused in terms of accelerating climate change.” Britain’s transport secretary, Chris Grayling, referred to the changes as a “green revolution in transport.” Overall, the government aims to achieve zero emissions on Britain’s roads by 2050.

A Shift Away From Internal Combustion

Though standard internal combustion engines have served automakers well for many decades, much of the world now recognizes that gasoline and diesel are limited resources that pose significant risks to humans. As many as 40,000 deaths a year occur due to air pollution, and brands like Tesla have proven that battery-powered cars are the vehicles of the future.

Though the future is unclear, one thing is certain: twenty years from now, vehicles as we know them will definitely not be the same.

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