Does My Car Really Need a Tune-Up

To simply answer your question: Yes, a tune-up is an effective service that will improve your car's fuel efficiency, driveability, and overall performance. Tune-ups vary from car to car, depending on its needs. Often times they include the following items:

  • Oil change
  • Filter replacements
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Fuel system check and cleaning
  • Testing sensors
  • and more!

The whole purpose of a tune-up is to prevent your engine from having to get significant repairs down the line. Though it may not seem important to you now, it has a powerful impact on your car's future. This is why mechanics all agree that getting a car tune-up is necessary no matter what car you drive. 


3 Advantages of Tune-Ups

Better Fuel Efficiency - When your vehicle is well-tuned, it will run more efficiently, guzzling up less fuel. Items like filters and spark plugs all impact your vehicle's fuel economy, which is why they should be freshened up when needed. 

Smoother Ride - With routine tune-ups, all your vehicle's systems will be in tune with one another. Your commute will be smooth and comfortable.

Increased Safety - Since tune-ups allow technicians to spot concerns early on, you don't have to worry about a breakdown or a safety component failing. We can quickly patch up the problems before they become significant and expensive issues. You won't have to question your car's safety and reliability.


Most automotive professionals recommend getting tune-ups every 30,000 miles. However, it may be outlined in your vehicle's owner's manual; so check there first just in case. When your car, SUV, or truck is ready for some love and attention, please bring it to JB Import Automotive Repair for a tune-up.

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