Do This Before You Buy a Used Car!

It's maybe a little nerve-wracking buying a used car. Whether you are doing it through a dealership or a private seller, it can be challenging to know what the vehicle has been through and how much wear you can get out of it. Before you make the investment decision, you should get a pre-purchase inspection to ensure you are making the right decision for yourself.


A 3rd Party Opinion

A pre-purchase inspection done by our team at JB Import Automotive Repair will get you the peace of mind you need. As a buyer, you have every right to an opinion from auto specialists and professionals. At JB Import Automotive, our experts can perform a comprehensive vehicle inspection and provide you with accurate, unbiased feedback based on what we can uncover. We will let you know if the car is in good shape or if there are problems you should be concerned about. You'll walk away knowing precisely what you need to know.

If we discover any problems, we can even provide you with an analysis and repair estimate. You may be capable of using the report as negotiation leverage to get a better deal or to get the seller to make the repairs before selling it to you. When bargaining with a private seller or dealer, it is extremely recommended to seek an inspection by a reputable auto repair shop like JB Import Automotive Repair. As a buyer, you deserve to know the ins and outs of the car you purchase and whether the price is fair.


Pre-Purchase Inspections in St. Petersburg, FL

Whether you come in for a pre-purchase vehicle inspection or any other types of repairs or maintenance service, you can count on our certified techs at JB Import Automotive Repair for the job. Feel free to call us today at (727) 353-0302 or schedule an appointment online with us.

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