Celebrate Earth Day with Green Car Care Tips

April 22, 2022, is Earth Day, and we want you to look ahead for ways to make a positive environmental impact with the way you commute. By making minor changes in your driving habits, you can drive "greener" with the earth in mind. Here are some ways to make your daily drive a little more eco-friendly!

  1. Change your air filter - Changing out a dirty air filter can increase your car's efficiency just like that. Otherwise, a dirty filter can lead to engine stalls or misfires, reduce fuel economy, and increase emissions.
  2. Remove excess weight - Don't overload your car with extra weight, as it can significantly decrease your fuel mileage. Make it a springtime cleaning task, and you'll have greener drives in no time.
  3. Check tire pressure - One of the best ways to improve your car's efficiency is to ensure you're driving with properly inflated tires. Not only will it give you a good MPG, but it'll improve safety and extend the life of your tires. 
  4. Avoid idling for long periods - Idling can ruin your car by using up extra gas and wearing down the engine parts. Your vehicle uses less gas when you turn off your engine and restart when needed.
  5. Keep up with car care - Last but not least, a tune-up can help improve your car's efficiency, lower its emissions, reduce your vehicle expenses. Maintenance will make the most difference in the long run, especially if you get regular on-time oil changes.


If you need help keeping your car run clean, please feel free to give us a call or schedule an appointment online with our technicians today. Let JB Import Automotive Repair keep your car green for Earth Day and every other day with proper car care.

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