Can That Body Damage Be Fixed?

Your car is your baby, but sadly she isn’t indestructible. Maybe a large piece of hail got the better of your roof, or perhaps a shopping card collided into your passenger door. Whatever the source of the damage, there is probably a way to fix it so that you can return to admiring your flawless vehicle.

Grab the Plunger

If you find a minor dent on your vehicle, the first home remedy you can try is to grab your toilet plunger from the bathroom and give it a go. Just wet the plunger’s end, place it right on the dent in question, and pull gently to see if you can pop it back out. This solution is as cheap and easy as you can get, but it won’t work on all dents. In situations with a more serious dent, it will be worth the money to buy a dent puller.

Buy a Dent Puller

A dent puller can be found at any auto parts store. It’s a tool with either one or multiple suction cups, and will work similar to a plunger but in a more purposeful manner. The instructions will walk you through safe use of the puller so that you can finally be free of those bothersome dents.

Invest in a Scratch Repair Product

Scratches in your automobile’s paint can be very frustrating, but a scratch repair product makes it easy to hide and blend the scratch with the surrounding surface while improving the final appearance. It’s always possible to find touch-up paint that is an exact match for your vehicle, so you can cover up any imperfections using a small, precise applicator or aerosol spray.

Shine the Light

Dents and scratches aren’t any fun, but you might also be faced with a broken or cracked tail light or turn signal, and that type of body damage can even get you in trouble with the law. Modern vehicles make light replacement a fairly simple task, so all you need to do is order the right part and swap out the old for the new.

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