Are You in the Market for a High Mileage Car?

Some of us can last two weeks on a single tank of gas, while others drive hundreds of miles a day and practically know the gas station attendants by name. If you find yourself in the latter group, then you are probably in the market for a car that will run reliably to 200,000 miles and beyond. A new research study from could help make your shopping process a bit easier.

According to the study, which evaluated the 13 million used cars sold last year that ranged between 1981 to 2017 models, only 1.3 percent of average vehicles lived long enough to witness 200,000 miles on the odometer. By far, the Ford Expedition, Chevrolet Suburban, and Toyota Sequoia hit 200,000 miles more frequently than any other vehicles on the market.

As Phong Ly, the CEO of, explained, “Supersized SUVs are often workhorses for families. They typically transport eight people and usually have significant towing capacity for families who boat or camp.” Based on the research, supersized SUVs are also more durable than their sedan counterparts since they can stay running for so long.

This is especially impressive considering that in the 1960s and 1970s, a car’s odometer usually returned to all zeros after the 99,999 mile mark. Just the idea of driving a car beyond 100,000 miles was considered risky and reckless. All of that has changed now that cars have become more intelligent, and 200,000 is the new 100,000.

Though large SUVs win the prize for making it most often beyond 200,000, certain pickups also deserve credit for their longevity. The Chevy Silverado 1500, the Ford F-150, and the GMC Sierra 1500 are all members of the 200,000 mile club.

“For any consumer looking to buy a used car that will last for the long haul, these vehicles are likely to go the distance successfully. And for current owners of these vehicles who aren’t anxious to buy something new, these cars can keep you out of a car payment for a long time if you choose,” stated Ly.

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