5 Ways to Make a Your Holiday Road Trip Fun

We bet many of you will be traveling long distances to see your loved ones with the upcoming holidays ahead. But with any road trip, the journey there can be tedious, dreadful, and even stressful. To make your trip bearable and more entertaining, here are some of our activity suggestions:

Play a Road Trip Game

Anyone can enjoy a good road trip game no matter what age you are! Consider playing some of these classics: I Spy, 20 Questions, & the License Plate Game. 

Sing-Along to Your Favorite Holiday Music

Before you embark on your long journey to see relatives, have some playlists of your favorite holiday music set aside to jam out to. It'll be fun to belt out the words with everyone in the car.

Listen to a Podcast or Audiobook

If you want a more experiential listening experience, consider playing a podcast or audiobook to get your mind thinking as you sit in the holiday traffic. It'll surely pass the time a lot quicker.

Watch Your Favorite Movies

While this may not be suitable for the driver, it will be fun for both adults and children passengers. All you need to bring is a tablet or computer, a personal hotspot connection, a streaming account, and a pair of earphones. It'll be fun to catch up on your favorite holiday classics like Home Alone, Polar Express, and Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas.


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