4 Summer Car Date Ideas

With summer in the air, most people love to get out of the house to do fun activities with their partners. For most of you, that means getting into your car and driving somewhere. Well – what if you guys had the date in your car? Below are several car date ideas that will wow your date:

Watch the Sunset Together

There’s nothing more romantic than watching the sunset together. Find an outlook around a beach and gaze into the warmth of the skies. Another great idea is to bring ice cream along too.

Go to a Drive-In Movie

Summer flicks are some of the best movie releases throughout the year. While drive-in theaters are rare, there are a ton out there still up and running. Pull up with your guy or gal to enjoy a movie under the stars. You get the ultimate advantage of having your privacy while still enjoying the big screen.


Get out of the bright-lit city to watch the beautiful stars in the summer night sky. You guys can even make it a competition to look for the constellations. Or you can make the outing more cozy by bringing some blankets.

Road Trip Fun

Get out of town with your significant other, and make it a fun road trip. The two of you can enjoy some classic road trip games or engage in a sing-along contest. No matter how far you, just make sure your vehicle is safe and fit to do so.


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