Why Should You Get Auto Repairs From a Foreign Auto Specialist?

These days, the difference between foreign and domestic cars is getting smaller and smaller. Many foreign parts are finding their way into U.S. trucks and cars and vice versa. A mechanic worth his salt will, of course, know the basics of any internal combustion engine. Still, cars are more than just the sum of their parts. There remains enough of a difference with domestic autos in configuration and complexity to make taking your foreign make to a specialist in foreign auto repairs well worth your while.     What’s The Difference?   European makes, for example, tend to have a higher level of quality built in initially than domestic models. Domestic cars have larger engines than their foreign counterparts, while many foreign cars have more transmission gears. Frequently, mechanics are faced with auto repairs involving foreign transmissions that need six or seven speeds because the smaller engine doesn’t have the torque of its larger cousins.   Part ... read more

That Squeaky Sound – Time to Change Those Brake Pads?

So you’re out for a drive when you start to hear a squeaky noise every time you step on the breaks. Panic sets in; you don’t have the time or the money to deal with expensive auto repairs right now. But don’t fret, that sound you’re hearing is probably just your brake pads telling you they need to be changed, which is a routine, affordable and essential component of proper auto repair and maintenance. A good set of brake pads will give you years of dependable service. While their lifespan varies considerably, most pads last for somewhere between 30,000 and 70,000 miles. Most of them are embedded with wear indicators, usually metal shims, that go into action once the pad wears down to minimal width. The indicators scratch against the rotors, causing that squeak and, eventually, damaging them to the point where if you wait too long, you’ll need to replace them too, which means more money out of your pocket. Note that not all brake noise means your pads are ... read more

Of Fluid and Filters: A Transmission Maintenance Primer

Fluid and filters are two essential transmission components, which require regular checking and maintenance. Here’s what you need to know about both, so you can keep your vehicle’s transmission in top shape. Check Fluid Levels At Least Twice Yearly It’s essential that you check your transmission fluid at least every six months to make sure it’s topped off. The dangers of low fluid levels include the likelihood of poor shifting and, if uncorrected, expensive auto repairs once the transmission is damaged. If you find yourself having to regularly refill your transmission fluid, the problem could be a leak. How To Tell If Your Transmission Is Leaking Although checking your transmission for leaks may sound like a daunting task, it’s really not that hard. Transmissions are closed systems; the potential sources of leaks are relatively few. And being that almost all transmission fluids are red in color, it’s pretty easy ... read more

Mercedes Benz: Special Cars Require Special Care

Mercedes Benz: Special Cars Require Special Care

Mercedes Benz has consistently raised the bar in imports to become and remain one of America’s most favored vehicles. This is one import that definitely withstands the test of time, as it has been crafted using some of the most advanced vehicle technology available. This of course brings the higher price tag to the Mercedes. With its higher end technology and engineering naturally comes a higher price on repairs as well. Just like with any vehicle, tech and mechanical parts have a given life span and can (and do) fail. When it comes to repairs to your Mercedes, you should not trust your investment to just any import auto repair company. There are certain characteristics you should look for in a reliable import auto mechanic, and you should be very meticulous in your search for a reputable import auto repair shop. Some companies will be happy to do the work for much less than expected, but here it comes: You get what you pay for. Having cheaper work done to your valued Mercedes ... read more

Understanding Your Transmission

Understanding Your Transmission

The transmission is one of the most important components of your vehicle. It’s responsible for gear shifting, so when something is wrong with the transmission, it’s usually apparent. It’s important to be able to recognize the signs of different varieties of transmission failure, for the sake of your safety and your wallet. Transmission problems can be very costly to fix if you let the issue progress by ignoring the telltale signs. Warning Signs If the transmission is “slipping,” the engine will rev when you’re in gear and you push the accelerator, but not the car. It will seem as though the car is in neutral, even if it isn’t. If your transmission is leaking, you may notice black or pink oil underneath your vehicle. These leaks may be accompanied by a burning odor. If parts of the transmission aren’t functioning correctly, they might make loud thumping or grating noises. Usually, you will be able to both feel and hear ... read more

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