Here’s What You Should Know about the Upcoming British Ban on Diesel and Gas Cars

13926630 - pump nozzles in gas stationIt’s no secret that air pollution is a core environmental problem around the globe. Britain recently announced its plans to tackle air pollution in the future by banning the sale of new gas and diesel vehicles by 2040. This pledge is similar to one made by France earlier in July, and encourages the use of electric cars that can utilize energy from solar, wind, and other renewable resources. Though you may not live in Jolly Old England, understanding this ban is still important especially since America’s own policies may evolve accordingly. Continue reading “Here’s What You Should Know about the Upcoming British Ban on Diesel and Gas Cars”

How to Keep Your Car’s Paint Looking as Good as New

26174856 - professional car painter, painting red bonnetYour car’s tires, brakes, and engine aren’t the only important components that you need to protect and maintain in order to keep your car running like new. The paint on your car also deserves regular TLC, especially if you want to avoid those dreaded paint chips and scratches that will diminish the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Paint’s Worse Enemies Continue reading “How to Keep Your Car’s Paint Looking as Good as New”

Great Ideas to Keep Your Car Clean and Organized During Summer Roadtrips

road trip2If you are like many other families across America, you will soon be loading up the car and heading to the coast for a vacation. Traveling long distances can place a great deal of pressure on your car, especially if you have kids or pets in the backseat. The following tips will help you keep your car clean and organized throughout your vacation travels, so that you can focus on what really matters: staying safe and having fun. Continue reading “Great Ideas to Keep Your Car Clean and Organized During Summer Roadtrips”

Are You in the Market for a High Mileage Car?

w126Some of us can last two weeks on a single tank of gas, while others drive hundreds of miles a day and practically know the gas station attendants by name. If you find yourself in the latter group, then you are probably in the market for a car that will run reliably to 200,000 miles and beyond. A new research study from could help make your shopping process a bit easier.

According to the study, which evaluated the 13 million used cars sold last year that ranged between 1981 to 2017 models, only 1.3 percent of average vehicles lived long enough to witness 200,000 miles on the odometer. By far, the Ford Expedition, Chevrolet Suburban, and Toyota Sequoia hit 200,000 miles more frequently than any other vehicles on the market. Continue reading “Are You in the Market for a High Mileage Car?”

Everything You Need to Know about the Automotive Hall of Fame

auto hall of fameWe all know that there is a Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame, but did you know there is also an Automotive Hall of Fame located next to The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan? It has a long and rich history among automobile connoisseurs, and it is the perfect place for every auto buff to visit in their lifetime. Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know about the Automotive Hall of Fame”

These Used Cars Offer Ultimate Reliability

Volkswagen Beetle

Buying a new car straight from the dealership isn’t always an option, and more than ever consumers are choosing to invest in used cars that save them money while still making it possible to drive away in something they feel proud of. Of course, with any purchase, new or used, consumers want to know that they are investing in a vehicle that will serve them well, consistently transport them without problems, and remain reliable for years to come. Continue reading “These Used Cars Offer Ultimate Reliability”

Everything You Should Know about VW’s Recalls

2434365 - safety recall notice against a white background

Imported German cars are a source of pride for their owners, and brands like Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagen are known around the world as attractive, high quality cars. However, every car runs into problems and has the need for improvement at some point. Volkswagen is no different, as proven by its recent 600,000 car recall. Even if your car isn’t a Volkswagen itself, this recall still may impact you because the Volkswagen Group sells Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and other passenger cars. Here’s what you need to know! Continue reading “Everything You Should Know about VW’s Recalls”

A Quick Guide to German Import Autos

10075772 - limoOwning a specialty import car is a badge of honor for many Americans, especially if that import car is of German origins. From Audi and BMW to Porsche and Volkswagen, each German car offers its own benefits and luxury features. If you’re in the market for a German import auto, this guide will give you a brief summary of your options.

Luxury with a Capital L

Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz are brands that have become synonymous with luxury and sophistication. Their mottos alone depict their commitment to the most advanced car designs possible. For the example, the Audi motto “Vorsprung durch Technik,” or “Progress through Technology,” is the core belief that inspires the design and development of every Audi vehicle. BMW automobiles are known as “The Ultimate Driving Machine” thanks to their signature design elements that make an unforgettable first impression with distinct and elegant shapes, advanced engineering, and cutting edge technology. Mercedes-Benz, meanwhile, boasts “luxury that goes beyond the vehicle” with innovation, exhilaration, and power. If you want a car that looks and drives like a true beauty, then invest in an Audi, BMW, or Mercedes. Continue reading “A Quick Guide to German Import Autos”

The Problems You Face as Your Car Ages

26827384 - old car in laneA car’s health is very similar to a person’s health: as your car gets older and racks up more miles, it is at risk of needing different repairs and replacements to continue functioning at optimal levels. Of course, regular maintenance helps minimize emergency situations, but it’s just about unavoidable that your car will face some problems as it ages.

A Consumer Reports survey asked readers to note the problems they faced when their cars were three, six, and nine years old, and the results are clear. Suspension, brakes, and power equipment cause the most problems for cars that are nine years old or more. Continue reading “The Problems You Face as Your Car Ages”

Mercedes-Benz Goes Electric

37611927 - mercedes benz sign close-upFierce competition keeps the automobile industry constantly evolving, and at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its newest plan to keep customers satisfied: a Generation EQ electric SUV.

Going Electric

Electric cars are growing in popularity because they do not rely on gasoline like traditional automobiles. Instead, electric cars are propelled by one or more electric motors that take electrical energy that is stored in rechargeable batteries. Unlike gasoline, electric motors offers cars instant torque for strong and smooth acceleration. Better yet, electric cars are 300% more efficient than regular cars with internal combustion engines. Continue reading “Mercedes-Benz Goes Electric”