Auto Maintenance Services in St Petersburg

To have a personal vehicle is not only convenient nowadays - it is absolutely necessary. The more reliable it is, the better; however, even the most trustworthy of vehicles need regular maintenance if you want them to run smoothly and trouble-free for years on end. In order to be sure that all the maintenance requirements are met, you need an expert mechanic at a professional auto repair shop in your vicinity.

In case you live or drive through St Petersburg, FL, the shop trusted by the area is no other than JB Import Automotive Repair. We have been at our current location since 1999 but we have more than four decades of experience in the automotive repair business so our ASE Master Certified team of mechanics definitely knows what is good for a vehicle. We assure you - after the countless number of repair services we have done, your car will be in the right hands if you leave it with us.

But why exactly does a car need regular maintenance service? This is so because all lubricants, fluids, and other consumables gradually lose their quality with time. Oils and fluids lose their viscosity and get contaminated by sediment and tiny metal particles, belts and hoses are also subject to wear and tear and need replacement, etc. So when you come to us for a regular maintenance service you will get:

  • A motor oil and filter change;
  • Fluid flushes;
  • Windshield wiper replacement (if needed);
  • Lubrication services;
  • Tire check and rotation (if needed);
  • Battery check and service;
  • All lights check;
  • Brakes check and service;
  • Belts and hoses inspection;
  • … and more.

So whenever your vehicle needs top-tier auto maintenance services in St Petersburg, FL, consider visiting the capable auto technicians at JB Import Automotive Repair. Call us in advance, schedule an appointment via our online appointment form, or visit us in person at 387 16th St N, St Petersburg, FL, 33705. We will never let you down!

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