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If you have a Toyota or Lexus that has a problem, you want to bring it to a repair service shop in St. Petersburg, Florida, that has extensive experience with import vehicles. Our technicians at JB Import Automotive Repair have been providing quality import repair services throughout the area of St. Pete for decades. That is why we are the most trusted import vehicle repair service, with a deep understanding of import vehicles. Our expertise with import vehicles, and the common issues that occur with them, separate us from other typical mechanic repair shops. If you want to get your vehicle fixed right the first time and prevent wasting money on unneeded repairs, chose JB Import Automotive Repair for your Toyota and Lexus automobile repairs.

Toyota Repair in St. Petersburg, Florida

Depending on the make and model of your Toyota, there are certain problems that occur across the board. We are familiar with these problems and know where to look first if your vehicle is experiencing one of these common issues. Many people complain about a funny noise with the engine of their Toyota between the years of 2000-2007. What they do not realize is that Toyotas have a unique sound that they make after starting up. This noise is generally not a problem and does not compromise the vehicles drivability. A lot of repair shops have attempted, unsuccessfully, to find a repair for this problem although it is quite normal. We know what a normal Toyota engine sound is, and what sounds may actually require some type of special repair. Here at JB Import Automotive Repair we can save you a lot of time and headache by detecting if you have a noise with your Toyota that is considered normal or not so normal for the vehicle. You would be surprised how the smallest problems can be easily fixed without the need for a large repair. When an auto repair shop is not familiar with the different problems that occur with your Toyota, they will be quick to change parts that do not need replacing, and spend time fixing things that are not broken. For example, some Toyotas have the check engine light come on randomly. You might bring it to an inexperienced garage that will spend time and your money trying to find a repair for your engine. If you bring it to JB Import Automotive Repair, we could tell you that your gas cap is loose and it causes the engine light to come on. The problem is solved and your car actually did not need any repairs at all. Failure to start is a problem that commonly occurs with the 2005 Corollas and Matrixes. There are two different reasons this problem may occur in these Toyota vehicles and they are both simple fixes. Some may not start due to a computer issue, while others lack enough fuel pressure. When you use our technicians at JB Import Automotive Repair, there is no guess work involved. We will not waste your time or money on automobile repairs that your Toyota vehicle does not require. We fix only what needs fixing, and we use the best import car part supplier in the world. When you have a Toyota car problem fixed at our shop, you can rest assured that the part replaced in your car will last for many years to come.

Lexus Auto Repairs St. Petersburg

All of our Toyota repair experience translates over to Lexus vehicles. If you are the owner of one of these vehicles, do not bring it to a regular repair shop in hopes that they can determine the problem. JB Import Automotive Repair is the top import auto repair shop in St. Pete for a reason. We want to show you why we have been trusted for decades to provide the highest quality services in the area. The most common problems to occur with your Lexus automobile are speedometer failure and the need for new brake calipers. By bringing your Lexus to our shop, we will get these issues resolved and you will be back on the road in no time. Even if you do not have an issue with your Toyota or Lexus, we provide a variety of tune up services that will keep your vehicle free from any problems. Just like any vehicle, regular maintenance is a must to keep it running smoothly. By getting your vehicle checked and maintained with us, we can help you prevent problems from occurring by making changes before the problems begin. We have been working with countless makes and models for over a decade and we pride ourselves on providing the quality that customers are looking for when they come in for a vehicle repair. We provide general maintenance for import vehicles and know that imports require special care. If you need your Toyota or Lexus inspected, bring it to our auto repair shop and leave it to our expert technicians. We have a friendly customer service staff that will work out a budget with you to fit your price range. We will then work within this budget to get your vehicle running like it should, without costing you a fortune. Our shop also offers an 18 month warranty to our customers, so you can trust that our Lexus repair services are backed with confidence by our auto repair shop. Our company knows the ins and outs associated with engine tune ups, belt repairs, AC repairs, transmission repairs and so much more. We are a professional shop with specialized technical skills to offer each our customers. Your vehicle deserves the best care and you should give it the care it needs throughout the year. You can’t trust just anyone when it comes to an import vehicle repair, but you can trust our technicians who have seen the same problems countless times before. We work with your needs in mind and ensure that our Toyota and Lexus repair services always meet your standards. With so much experience with countless makes and models of import vehicles, you do not have to bring your Toyota or Lexus anywhere else. Give JB Import in St. Pete, Florida a try and see for yourself why we are the number one import repair shop in all of St, Petersburg, Florida. We look forward to providing you with our many import vehicle repair services and quality at its best the next time you come in with your Lexus or Toyota.

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