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muffler repair shop st pete, flAs one of our many services, JB Import offers mufflers and exhaust repair in St. Petersburg, Florida. We strive not only to repair mufflers and exhaust systems quickly and effectively, but to provide an outstanding level of customer service to every person that walks through our door. By handling both sides of our business, we have been successful for many years. It is this dedication to excellence which makes us stand out from the crowd. We service both import and domestic exhaust systems. If you are in need of exhaust repair or muffler services in St. Petersburg, come speak with our friendly technicians. We can give you an accurate estimate about the cost of repairing your muffler or exhaust system. And, if any replacement parts are needed, then we can find them quickly and have them delivered right to our shop. Often, exhaust parts and mufflers for foreign import cars can be hard to find. We have connections with the best import parts providers on the entire planet. So, we can track down the unique exhaust system component or replacement muffler for your import vehicle without a problem. That’s one of the reasons our customers keep coming back. Not only can we find import exhaust system components, we can install them, too. Obviously, our mechanics have worked with countless models of vehicles – both consumer level and performance grade. We have also dealt with countless luxury cars. So, you can trust that our mechanics will be able to diagnose and repair your muffler and exhaust system problems with no complications. Because we have a holistic understanding of the way import vehicles are built, designed, and manufactured, we can work with them very effectively. We see each project as both a learning opportunity and a chance to express our creativity. We chose this industry not just to make money, but because we truly love import vehicles. Working on imports is the pride and joy of our lifestyles. Our shop is a living tribute to the greatness of the foreign import vehicle market. We seek to keep your car running smoothly for years to come. Contact us today for more information by requesting a FREE CONSULTATION with St. Petersburg’s best auto repair company, JB Imports!
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JB Import is the top import repair service in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our skilled technicians are fully trained and experienced in working with countless makes and models of import vehicles.

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JB Import Auto has 50+ years of experience with classic Bentley and Rolls Royce products, both pre and post WWII vehicles. We can also help with your classic BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Ferrari, Porsche, or Volvo.


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We are the experts for repairing sports cars, including brakes, transmission, engines, exhaust systems, heating and cooling systems and more. We are also able to help you maintain and improve your sports car.

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