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The Mercedes Benz is a great vehicle, and one that has been seen in our import vehicle repair shop more than once. We are familiar with the most common issues that are seen with the different models of the Mercedes, and can diagnose this problem accurately for you. We have a highly trained, qualified team of technicians, who have been working on import vehicles for many decades. Our expert knowledge of the most common problems with imports, and the not so common problems, is what makes our company stand out from the rest. Here at JB Import Automotive Repair, we know exactly what to look for, and when we find it we will order your replacement part from the best supplier of import parts available.

At JB Import Automotive we have an amazing understanding of import vehicles, such as the Mercedes Benz. We are the top import vehicle repair service in all of St. Petersburg, and we’ve gained that title through continuous quality. We strive to keep our customers satisfied, and will fix your Mercedes Benz for you and show you why customers turn to us for repairs on their import vehicles in St. Pete.

Mercedes Benz Repair in St. Petersburg

One of the most common problems seen with the Mercedes E and S models is the gear shift getting stuck in park. Although the vehicle will start and run fine, the shifter will not move, even when the vehicle is off. This problem usually occurs when there is failure in the selector module. Sometimes the shifter becoming completely stuck can be avoided by recognizing the prior signs. If you bring your car to our repair shop because you are occasionally having a hard time getting it out of park, this is a sign you may need to repair the selector before you become stuck in park permanently.

Another common and frustrating problem is the ignition key refusing to turn in your Mercedes. The key will go into your Mercedes ignition, yet it will not turn and start your vehicle. This problem occurs when you have failure in your EIS module. As with the gear shift issue, there are signs that this total loss of control is going to occur prior to it happening. If you experience difficulty turning the key on your Mercedes Benz, our skilled technicians can fix the problem before you end up stranded and calling for a tow truck.

The older Mercedes models tend to have fluid leaks occur from the center of the vehicle. This fluid is coming from your transmission, and usually starts off slowly and then begins to leak heavily. If you catch this problem early you can have it fixed by re-plugging the electrical transmission plug located on the side of the transmission. This plug becomes loose over time and leaks fluid, which can result in transmission problems if too much fluid leaks out for too long. A quick fix will save you a lot of money on transmission repairs down the road.

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No matter what your import vehicle needs are, JB Import Automotive Repair in St. Petersburg, Florida, has the Mercedes Benz services you need. We provide expert assistance from large Mercedes repairs, to the smallest of tune ups. Let us show you why we are number one in St. Pete, Florida for all import auto repairs. Bring your Mercedes in today, and experience the difference our professionals can provide you with this year.

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