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Here at JB Import Automotive repair in St. Petersburg, Florida, we know that your Jaguar has certain needs that must be met by a professional. Import vehicles are much different than your standard vehicle, and our technicians have a deep understanding of that. Our technicians are highly trained professionals who have been working in the industry for years. We have an expertise that sets us apart from the rest and makes us the top import vehicle repair service in St. Petersburg, Florida. We know exactly what to look for when certain issues occur with your vehicle because we’ve seen the same problems occur many times before. If you want to get your problem address correctly the first time with quality service from a trusted repair shop, use our well-known Jaguar repair services in St. Pete today.

St. Petersburg Jaguar Auto Repair

The Jaguar is a great vehicle, but it does have some problems that tend to run universally through many makes and models. For example, an expansion tank coolant leak is a common issue that can often be repaired by replacing the bleed tube. This tube tends to fracture where it meets with the tank, and needs replacing to create a firm hold for your coolant to stay in the tank. If this problem is left without repair, it can cause your coolant to continuously leak from your vehicle, which will then cause your engine to overheat and eventually need replacement. You don’t want to wait until a big problem like this occurs when an inspection at our Jaguar repair shop can detect this small problem and have it fixed quickly for you.

A Jaguar with the V6 engine is known for having the check engine light come on out of nowhere. Many times a repair shop that is not familiar with this problem will go through a whole line of problems, trying unsuccessfully to get the light to turn off. Here at JB Import Automotive Repair, we know that some Jaguars are fitted with spark plugs that produce a low ohm value. The plugs cause codes that cannot be cleared without replacing the spark plugs on the vehicle. This quick Jaguar repair is often all it takes to get your check engine light to go off on your vehicle. Our ASE certified Jaguar mechanics detect the most common – smaller issues and work our way from there to save our customers money.

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If you are looking for the best service you can receive for your Jaguar vehicle, use our high quality import vehicle services today in St. Petersburg. We are a recognized automotive repair center that has satisfied customers all throughout St. Pete, Florida. By using our expert Jaguar repair services you don’t have to worry about paying for services you don’t need, or having a misdiagnosis performed on your vehicle. Using a shop that knows where to start will save you time, money and prevent a ton of unneeded stress. You can bring your Jaguar by for a free service review, and see for yourself why we are considered number one throughout St. Petersburg, Florida for all import vehicle repairs.

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